6. Supply Chain Management
6. Supply Chain Management

6th workshop: Supply Chain Management

The 6th SUSBIZ workshop was held 28th - 30th November 2008 in Jaipur. The topic for the workshop was "supply chain management", focusing on how the Indian companies can work proactively with their supply chain on CSR issues - especially regarding homeworkers and contract workers. ETI's (Ethical Trading Initiative) homeworking group in India shared experiences on how to work with CSR standards at homeworkers.

Many Indian companies have a complex supply chain with the use of homeworkers or contract workers. Thus, it is challenging to improve CSR standards as well as quality and delivery times in the supply chain. At this workshop, case studies and tools on how to approach this challenge was presented and discussed.

Here you can download the workshop programme and the presentations held during the workshop:

Workshop programme


It is time to move beyond your factory walls and focus on your supply chain - why? - presented by Line Bech, SMEdenmark

Supply Chain Management - theory and tools - presented by Raghu R V, Four-D

Improving working conditions of homeworkers: the ETI homeworker project - presented by Alok Singh, ETI National Homeworker Group

Contract workers and labour standards - presented by Raghu R V, Four-D

Supply chain management and the SUSBIZ action plan - presented by Pranjal Joyti Goswami, SUSBIZ India

SUSBIZ - what is next - presented by Line Bech, SMEdenmark

CSR trends in India - presented by Pranjal Joyti Goswami, SUSBIZ India

6. Supply Chain Management