5. CSR and higher productivity

5th workshop: CSR improvements and higher productivity

During September 26th - 28th the 5th SUSBIZ workshop was held in Delhi. The topic for the workshop was encreased productivity through LEAN management and how this can be linked to CSR improvements. The workshop laid the ground for many of the environmental improvements that the Indian companies have undertaken during the SUSBIZ India project.


Here you can download the workshop programme and the presentations held during the workshop:


Workshop programme



The media debate in Denmark - presented by Henning Høy Nygaard, SMEdenmark


Lean management and CSR  and Lean mapping at Merlin - presented by Casper Schiøtz Bratvold


Sustainable Practices and Better Commercial Results - Tools and Learning from the Automobile Sector - presented by Mr. Shikhar Jain, CII


Linking Higher Productivity and CSR Improvements in India - presented by Raghu R V, Four-D


International Best Practice and the ILO Moradabad programme - presented by Henning Høy Nygaard, SMEdenmark


5. CSR and higher productivity