Workshops and Meetings

Workshops and Meetings

In India, thematic workshops about CSR are provided to the Indian suppliers. The topics are selected on basis of an identification of common needs across companies and are supporting the companies in their implementation of their individual action plans.

The topics for the workshops have been:

1. CSR and Human Resources (Oct. 2007)

2. Occupational Safety and Health (Jan. 2008)

3. CSR Management (March 2008)

4. Cleaner Production (May 2008)
5. CSR and higher productivity (September 2008)
6. Supply Chain Management (November 2008)
7. Human Rights in a Business Perspective (February 2009)

8. Finalisation Workshop (May 2009)

Moreover, individual on-site training and follow-up on the action plan is provided to each Indian supplier. The joint workshops give the companies the opportunity of networking, while on-site training modules specifically address individual needs.

The Danish companies have been participating in one joint workshop in India together with the suppliers. The objective is to facilitate dialogue between buyer and supplier and share experiences.

To facilitate dialogue and sharing of experiences among Danish companies, four joint network meetings in Denmark are organised. The main topic for the meetings is responsible supply chain management, where experts and frontrunner companies will be involved. This allows the Danish companies to get a better understanding of how to work with sustainable business development in their supply chains.