The Project Team

SUSBIZ India is conceptualized and managed by the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEdenmark) in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority. SUSBIZ India is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark under Danida's Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme.


DFMSE is lead organisation. To optimise local management of the project, the project team includes an Indian project coordinator, based at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi. The project coordinator is in charge of the day-to-day coordination of project activities in India.


The following Danish companies and their Indian suppliers participate: Auluna A/S, Eurotex, Magasin A/S, Mater A/S, Orana A/S, Rice A/S, Sourcing House ApS, and PVGroup (formerly VisualEasy).

Indian Facilitators

Three organisations with local Indian expertise are assisting the project team on a consultancy basis; TERI in Delhi, Versatilist Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore and Four-D Consulting Ltd. in Bangalore. They are specialists in different areas within corporate social responsibility and work with the project team as Indian facilitators.