Newsletter December 2008
Newsletter December 2008

Newsletter December 2008

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The SUSBIZ India project is now in the final implementation phase. In the past 4 months, we have organised two very important workshops in India. Along with the workshops, we have been constantly interacting with each individual company and providing assistance in implementing actions. We would like to acknowledge the impressive progress each company is making within the SUSBIZ India project scope.

SUSBIZ workshops
The 5th workshop was held in Delhi 26-28 September 2008. The topic was productivity improvements and lean management - related to CSR improvements such as overtime and occupational health and safety. We were delighted to have Mr. Casper Schiøtz Bratvold, managing director in from Denmark, and his inputs for improvement in productivity were taken well by all participating companies. Thanks also go to CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) for sharing their experiences on lean management and sustainable development with the participants. Many lean management principles have been implemented in many companies as observed in subsequent follow-up visits. See programme and presentations here

The 6th workshop on supply chain management was organised in collaboration with ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Indian chapter in Jaipur between 28-30 November. We have successfully addressed some of the very critical issues related to the supply chain, e.g. homeworkers and contract workers. Many of the SUSBIZ companies have a complex supply chain, and the workshop has been an eye-opener in terms of how to improve CSR standards in the supply chain. Thanks to ETI for their valuable input and to AKDPL for introducing the participants to their local suppliers. See programme and presentations here

The next and final workshop will take place in Delhi in February/March. We expect to focus on CSR communication

Energy audits
Recently, energy audits were conducted at two participating companies. Energy audit experts from TERI have conducted the audits and came out with some very valuable recommendations, which have been shared with the companies for implementation

Action plans
It is a pleasure to notice the progress made by all companies in implementing the action plan recommendations. During the first two weeks of December 2008, the SUSBIZ team has visited all the Indian companies focusing on finding and discussing scope of improvements within the more sensitive and critical areas, such as wages, overtime and CSR standards in the supply chain.


Newsletter December 2008