Background of SUSBIZ

SUSBIZ India facilitates collaboration between eight Danish small and medium-sized enterprises and their Indian suppliers for development and implementation of social and environmental initiatives. Activities run from January 2007 to December 2009. 

The objective of the project is to strengthen the ability of Danish companies and their Indian suppliers to create synergies between social and environmental improvements and core business. For example, better conditions for workers can help suppliers boost productivity, improve quality and cut delivery times. Also, higher workplace standards can help attract business from buyers who are concerned about social and environmental conditions in their supply chain.

Focus is on achieving development in close dialogue with participating companies, making implementation take place on a voluntary basis. The project will initiate best practices and create public debate and awareness, to be reached through on-going dialogue with business, researchers and public institutions.

Strategic partnerships
SUSBIZ India intends not only to benefit companies directly involved in the project. To ensure a wider effect beyond the companies directly involved, SUSBIZ India cooperates on an ad-hoc basis throughout the project with trade organisations and other agencies working closely with the SME sector in India. Click here for further information on SUSBIZ India Extension Programme.